Northamptonshire Police deny claims of lack of transparency

Northamptonshire Police deny claims of lack of transparency.  Really?

Northamptonshire Police Force is is not a reflection of every police force in the United Kingdom.


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 O'Connell Martin
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From:O'Connell Martin (Martin.O'
Sent:24 August 2011 15:35:33
To: *****************
Dear Ms Godwell,
Thank you for you emails, the latest of which you sent on 23rd August following a telephone call you received from PS Treen who tried to discuss these issues with you but was unsuccessful due to some communication difficulties with you at the time.
I therefore felt that as you have been contacting us by email then this is perhaps the best way to contact you and try to answer the issues listed below:
  1. Please will you send officers to collect another set of bricks.  Left at my house last Friday.
  2. Collect the finger prints from them.
  3. Arrange with my landlord to install immediately CCTV to gather the necessary evidence for me to get justice within seven working days.
  4. This is my landlords property and Mr Kennedy just leaves it to be criminally damaged.  The outside of the house did not look like this when I moved in.  He is being paid to turn a blind eye.  
  5. If none of the above is complied with I will be justified in stating that it is on instructions that it is the local authority smashing my windows and paying individuals unknown to me to victimize me on the street.
  6. I did not purchase or maintain my telephone to be insulted by the police or anyone else. 
  7. The police do not feed or clothes me, even though they behave like they do.  Oh yes they removed my child by force.  So now they think they own me.
In answer to the above I respond as follows:
1.  Until I know the relevance of any bricks outside your home I cannot make a decision as to whether they need to be collected by an officer or whether you can just dispose of them yourself.  Are they there because someone has been throwing or dumping them onto your property?  If they are linked to damage to your home or an attempt to damage your home then they may be of relevance to any investigation into those matters.  If however someone is merely leaving them in your garden you can either dispose of them yourself or contact Northampton Borough Council as they may be able to help as part of their service in terms of refuse collection.
2.  Bricks of any description are not suitable for fingerprints due to their rough surfaces.  Fingerprints are only left on smooth surfaces as rough surfaces do not allow the fine and individual detail to be left behind.  Even some smooth surfaces can be unsuitable for fingerprinting.
3.  The police have no jurisdiction over what decisions your landlord makes about the security of your property.  We can only advise him at your request if we feel some CCTV would be useful tool.  There are cases where the police themselves install CCTV to gather evidence on crime and disorder but this is generaly only in cases of serious crime or disorder and needs to be proportionate and justifiable due to the impact it can have of other peoples privacy.
If you wish me to discuss your issues with your landlord then please let me know his contact details and an outline of what you would like me to discuss with him.
4.  I am sorry to hear that your property has become the target for damage over the course of time and I am aware of some of those individual investigations that have taken place.  I know that in one case when you had paint thrown over your address we did find the offender and deal with him appropriately.  All I can do is urge you to report incidents as they happen at the earliest opportunity and help us in helping you investigate them.  Being obstructive to officers down the phone, or not making yourself available to speak to them is not helpful to any investigation.
5.  I can assure you that there is no conspiracy or any person being paid by the police to intimidate or harass you.  I will comment no further on that.
6. If you have any complaints about the way an officer has spoken or dealt with you then their supervisor is the person to contact to discuss this but again I would urge you help us help you by being willing to speak with us when necessary and in an appropriate manner.
7. You are quite right, Northamptonshire Police do not own you or anyone else.  The removal of your child was a sad and difficult time in your life and I guess that it is still very raw even after all this time.  You have my sympathy on that.  However decisions by the police and social services, who are ultimately responsible for those decisions, are not made lightly and full consideration is given to the circumstances surrounding any such decisions.  Again I can comment no further.  

Martin O'Connell
PS 1031
Putting Communities First”
Northampton North SCT


From:ngozi godwell (********************
Sent:24 August 2011 16:52:21
To: martin.o'; Ngozi Godwell (********************
Cc: *****************************************************************************
Am I seeing double are you not the man who attended my home on or around the 9 October 2008 with your mates and not one of you had the nerve to attend the criminal proceedings brought against me by the police.  My barrister was waiting for you and your mates to attend court so you can lie in the dock and none of you had the nerve to turn up. Hence, only one witness.

Sir, get someone else to write to me NOT YOU.  I am not going to even read your email.

This is construed to be emotional abuse at its worse, direct intimidation.
For the mere fact that you sent an email directly to me  I have now placed a £10,000.00 charge to any future claim I have for damages.
Please do not even bother to attempt responding, because my lawyer gave me a copy of the bundle my barrister relied on in court, which is scanned.  

This is direct and open intimidation.  Worse still you are still working for the police. Where is the justice? 

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From:ngozi godwell (*****************
Sent:24 August 2011 17:03:11
To: martin.o'; Ngozi Godwell (****************;
Cc: ***********
Oh I have not forgotten!  Whilst I was handcuffed in the van you and your mates were planning a night out to celebrate what you all did to my child and I.

The establishment is now self-protecting and believes it can do so at my own family's expense.

I am not the first person to be sectioned by this force for challenging them via the proper channel, the complaints system.  It is not going to do this again, abuse me or my child, like dogs. This time I am aware of my rights in regard to forced entry by the police.  If I knew what I do now, my child and I would still be together.

The police are still holding on to my child, it is this organization that took my child without a court order or warrant. 

There is more to come.  Despite what they have done... This is not a case about saying sorry it is too late for this.  If Northamptonshire police force had any intentions of saying sorry it would have done so soon after it introdcued falsified documentation into the wardship proceeding relating to my child's care.  Northamptonshire police force instigated the proceedings. 

Furthermore in July 2011 this force smashed down my back door in an attempt to send me to prison, via the magistrates' court.  This is what the officers told me.

I am not hurt or angry, I am just typing out my draft for my websites. Feeding me coffee, whilst sitting at a table having a long winded discussion is not going to change anything. What is done is done! 



The police officer on the phone was telling me to tell my mother to be quiet when she was outside chasing the boys.