Chinyere’s Law is about HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  My child had only just turned ten years of age when Northamptonshire police force came barging into our home.   The only reason Northamptonshire police force sectioned me was to get me out of the way.  The actions of the authority during and after the civil and criminal proceedings brought against me by Northamptonshire police force only amount to one thing 'open corporate systematic abuse'.  
There was never any evidence in support of the number of criminal allegations Northamptonshire police force charged me with.  This is also to be said about the wardship proceedings instigated by the same force.  
Last year I went to recieve some legal advise in London.  As a result of this meeting I recieved a fifteen page document outlining the key points. The reason my only child was placed on a full care order,  is because we were both distressed by what the local authority are doing to us.  Well, this is the excuse the judge gave.  The real reason is that my child was taken never to return and the local authority were doing everything in its power for me to runaway or kill myself during this process, because many parents would have.

The Perpetrators Of Racial

 Harassment And Racial Violence

Chinyere’s Law

 ‎9th October 2008 – 9th October 2011

Subject: Placement with Parents Regulations 1991 (SI 1991/893)
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 16:17:21 +0000

Mr. Paul Burnett
Corporate Head of Children and Young People services
Northampton County Council
County Hall
Guild hall Road
20 May 2010
Your Ref.
Our Ref. Appeal Court Ref. No. 2010/1098
Dear Sir;
Subject: Miss Chinyere Chelsea Godwell, Date of Birth******
Placement with Parents under a Care Order
Placement with Parents Regulations 1991 (SI 1991/893)
Statutory Instrument 1991 No 893; Placement Of Children With Parents etc Regulations 1991

This correspondence is in respect of the reunification of a child and her mother, only. The child is Chinyere Chelsea Godwell D.O.B. ********* and her mother is Ngozi Angeline Godwell ********** of *********. Both mother and child love each other dearly. This communication is in respect of reunification of my child and with her mother.

1. Statutory Instrument 1991 No 893; Placement Of Children With Parents etc Regulations 1991 Lays down the policy and principles governing practice and decision making on the subject of, re-unification of children looked after with their families. The policy concerns both children who are the subject of care orders and those who are accommodated by agreement with their parents.

2. I am acquitted in a court of law, by a Jury.

3. I was home educating my child it is my right to educate my child, I am a graduate.

4. Local authority duties towards all children under the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004; Duties - The local authority have a duty t reduce the need to bring care or supervision proceedings in relation to children within their area, or ‘criminal proceedings against such children’ [schedule 2,para. 7 (a) (I) and (ii)]

I was assaulted by the police and my child removed from my care, this does comply with the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004.

5. Any matters pertaining to the illegal Final Care order made by District Judge Venables, prior to the appeal hearing for permission to appeal a previous order this Judge in the same matter and subsequently, the appeal hearing on 1 March 2010 can be explored during the court process. not at this current time.

6. I can appeal every order made by a Circuit Judge to the Royal Courts. They cannot place your children while you are appealing. The local authority did, blatantly abusing the court process.

7. "Your appeal is purely academic, it is not worth the paper it is written on." Justice Lord Ward, 19 January 2010.

8. I am also advising you that the matters for permission to appeal, the Final Care order and contact arrangements are before the Civil Appeal Office in the Royal Court of Justice. The notice is served on Northamptonshire County Council on 17 May 2010.

9. This is purely academic and I expect the local authority to act swiftly promoting the reunification of a child and with her mother.

10. You will be informed in due course about any outstanding matters in respect of the European Court on Human Rights. I am contesting the interim care order and the orders that follow it. In the meantime, we can work together and promote the reunification of my child and I. This matter is of ‘Public Interest’.

11. Furthermore how dare the local authority promote racism: "African children can suffer additional risk because of many cultural and traditional practices which are harmful. Example of such cultural practices include Female Genital Mutilation, using children as Domestic Servants, Widowhood and Inheritance rites, Child Marriages, reliance on extreme forms of Physical Punishments as ways of disciplining children as well as the belief in and practice witchcraft and the accompanying branding of children as witches or as possessed by evil spirits". Source: Northamptonshire Local Authority, 5 October 2009 [9.15]

11. What is Laura Bonner of Northampton Child Care team, still doing as my child‘s social worker?.

12 At no stage during the forcible removal of my child, did I give permission, nor did my child. The reunification of my child and with her mother needs to procure immediately.

When you realize you've made a mistake,

take immediate steps to correct it.


I expect a reply to this correspondence within five working days.


Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,
Ngozi A. Godwell,

Independent reviewing officers (IROs)