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Miss Laura Bonner Social Worker Northamptonsire County Council

Posted by NgoziGodwell on December 19, 2011 at 1:00 PM

So the game plan of the business of  Northamptonshire county council is stall you for 12 months by financially, emotionally, psychology, legally and mentally depleting all your resources so you can't fight back.  Mr. Sean Carter even had the nerve to inform me to my face that they intend to drag the proceedings on until, as long as it takes.  Hence, the delays.

Mr Michael Alderman of Northamptonshire professional standards made the same comment to me last month. I made is quite clear to him that he better take another approach, because if I was going to crack I would have done so long ago, and they best change tactics

So many individuals cannot conceive such cold-hearted manipulation and ill-regard for children all in the name of a power trip and Government funding incentives and most of you never will.  I probably never would have either if they had not  deprived me of my right to protect my child while placing her in their state created danger.

However, it occurs yearly to millions of families with children across the continent. The kingpin behind this racketeering in corrupt organizations has worked long and hard to cover all their bases, utilizing corrupt individuals from all branches of government to guarantee the continuation of this scam.  Exploiting the family unit for as much cash as they can squeeze out of the tax payer with no regard for the TRUE welfare of children is what CPS and their puppets and profiteers is all about.

Introduction of the independent reviewing officier. Why should I keep my mouth shut when the independent reviewing has not once reviewed my child in her family home. No assessmemt of my child and I whatsoever before the abduction/kidnapp of my child. When they did assess my child and found that she is a happy and well-adjusted child they decided to put her on a full care order and they started to abuse my child. This is why for over six months my child was not referred to a psychiatrist, because there was nothing wrong with my child.  Now you can understand why they paid that expert.  .

Miss Laura Bonner social worker took delight in abusing my child, as she put it, one who is African (black) . They placed my child with young people who are crack addicts and a foster carers who abused my child, openly.

Miss Laura Bonner social worker should not be allowed around child unsupervised, full-stop, I have observed her in contact centers amongst other children, not only my own and it was not pleasant viewing. District Judge Anne Venables is aware of this fact and before my very eyes on 22 June 2009 she gave Miss Laura Bonner permission to abuse my child in any shape or form, as long as she comes back to court with evidence to keep my child in care. This did not work, because Bonner did not bother turning up for the final hearing. Then after the final hearing she cameback and tortured my only child.

UNITED KINGDOM, COMMON LAW - If you do not claim your property by one year, the property belongs to the state. Hence, the intentional delays and the corrupt lawyer telling you not to appeal/complain until after the final hearing is over.

Northamptonshire county council have spent years destroying my good name and His Honour Judge Waine wrote to the Home Office and told them I have mental health problems.  He used his powers to abuse me, why?

Northamptonshire county council told he to.  They also told him to do others things, they put it all in writing believing that by reading what they are doing to my child and I, the names that they are calling me, then, I would eventually crack.  This is how Northamptonshire county council help victims who are of black skin. They pour hate over them.!/questions/2343458668023/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Should Judges who preside over care proceedings have a mandatory psychology assessment ?

This is what Northamptonshire local authority call a child protection issue

Posted by NgoziGodwell on September 21, 2011 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (2)

"We were assisting DC Helen Garvie she had to attend 85 Raeburn Road, to Northampton to deal with Ngozi Godwell."

This is what they call a child protection issue?

To go and deal with me!

Independent reviewing officers (IROs)